This year we are opening up membership to anyone who volunteers to help
with a show and/or anyone who buys a season ticket. So:

Why BTG?

We are a social organization made up of folks like you who love
theatre—producing theatre and attending theatre. This common purpose brings
people and friends together to become a second family.


Throughout the year the BTG does more than just produce plays. This

August: Annual “Meet and Greet” picnic.
September: Pizza Party and General Meeting.
October: AVENUE Q with opening night and closing night parties.
November: Bowling Night.
January: Annual “White Elephant” holiday party.
February: SUPERIOR DONUTS with opening and closing parties.
March: Bus trip downtown to see HAMILTON.
May: Progressive Dinner and Scavenger Hunt.
June: Installation Dinner


As a member you can attend the monthly meetings and help decide what
plays we’ll do, our future social occasions, and the direction the BTG takes in the


Even if you never want to act on stage, we need lots of volunteers to do all
the things required to put on a show, and we have a lot of fun doing it.
So join us this year! Become a season ticket holder and member and we’ll
give you an extra ticket—to next season’s fall show. That’s four shows for the price
of three, and membership in a great organization.

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